Naturally coloured cotton fabrics

Coloured, but not dyed! In this category you can find all our naturally coloured cotton fabrics. Old or naturally cultured cotton varities with fibers that are naturally coloured are used for these fabrics (without the use of modern biotechnology).





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Organic Cotton Woven Fabric Naturally Coloured Grown Brown

23.90 / m *
Delivery weight: 186 g

Naturally Coloured Cotton Ajour Jersey Ecru

Product no.: 1FG22A

28.90 / m *

Organic Jersey Naturally Coloured ecru

24.90 / m *
Delivery weight: 272 g

Organic Jersey Naturally Coloured Brown

26.90 / m *
Delivery weight: 272 g

Naturally Coloured Organic Cotton Pique Jersey, brown

Product no.: 1FGPJ18-2

38.90 / m *

Naturally Coloured Cotton Jersey Quadrito, brown

Product no.: 1FG18Q

38.90 / m *

Naturally Coloured Organic Cotton Jaquard Jersey, ecru

Product no.: 1FGJJ18-5

36.90 / m *

Organic Feinripp-Jersey Naturally Coloured ecru

27.90 / m *
Delivery weight: 272 g

Organic Feinripp-Jersey Naturally Coloured brown

27.90 / m *
Delivery weight: 272 g
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