Light Woven Hempfabric 100% Hemp, weiss, PFD

Light Woven Hempfabric 100% Hemp, weiss, PFD

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Light Woven Hempfabric 100% Hemp, white




Environmentally friendly hemp cultivation without chemicals:

Hemp plants are inherently insensitive to insects and diseases, so cultivation requires no pesticide use. Also herbicides against weeds are unnecessary since hemp grows very fast. In addition, hemp requires considerably less water for its rapid growth than other plants like Cotton for example.

Special properties of hemp fibers:

Hemp fibers have the same microelectric voltage as our skin, which is why hemp is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Hemp absorbs moisture very well and gives it off again excellently.

Hemp has a temperature-balancing effect. The fibers warm well in winter and cool on the skin in summer.

Additional product information

Material (ecology) 100% hemp
Type of fabric Voile
Production woven
Width approx. 144 cm
Weight (sqm) approx. 100 g/sqm
Shrinkage value approx. 5-6%
Washing temperature 40-90°C
Washing machine wash
Ironing Level 3 dampish
Origin of the fiber (country) China
Production (country) China

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