Naturally Coloured Cotton Ajour Jersey hole pattern, brown

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Naturally colored organic cotton, un-coloured, biodegradable.

Very soft, supple jersey in natural brown with a delicate Ajour pattern.

The organic cotton for this fabric comes from a very special organic cotton project in Brazil: The farmers of the cooperative of currently about 450 families work without artificial irrigation (only with rain water) and in biological-dynamic agriculture exclusively with animal power. According to the principle of Crop rotation, farmers cultivate cotton alternately with food for self-sufficiency, including e.g. Millet, beans, peanuts, sesame. In this manner, the families live from their own cultivated products and, on the other hand, they earn cotton revenues. All farmers are owners of the land they are working on. No chemical or synthetic substances are used throughout the process. No use of genetic engineering; Pests are combated with other insects. From this highest quality organic cotton, a fine, resistant and even thread is obtained in the original color of the plant.

The fabric is made in Spain and Portugal.

Pure natural and suitable for allergic people! There is nothing more natural in the fabric production.

Since no dyestuffs or bleaches are used in the manufacture of the fabric, this fabric is suitable for all who deliberately do not want or need to dispense with coloring and bleaching agents, particularly well suited for allergic persons or people with Neurodermatitis. And for the highly sensitive baby skin, there is really nothing better!

Additional product information

Material (ecology) 100% organic cotton
Type of fabric Jersey
Certification of fabric Organic Cotton
Width approx. 175 cm !!
Weight (sqm) approx. 170 g/sqm
Shrinkage value approx. 3-5%
Washing temperature 40°C
Origin of the fiber (country) South Amerika
Production (country) EU

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