Organic Half-Linen Damask "Trees" Gray-Marl

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High quality and precious: Organic flax cotton damask

The face and back of the fabric are optically light / dark - opposite, but both have an equally high gloss, which is more or less clearly visible, depending on the incidence of light.

This noble damask fabric is produced exclusively with certified yarns from controlled organic cultivation in Austria

Due to the material composition of 50% organic linen and 50% organic cotton, this flax-cotton fabric is wonderfully breathable, less wrinkling and easy to care for.

This organic natural fabric is very suitable for exquisite home textiles such as curtains, table linen, pillow cases and much more.

Also very precious and beautiful for linen outerwear such as summer pants, linen jackets, elegant vests etc.


Small fabric science - Damask: Damasks are the elegant queens among the woven fabrics!

Damasks are produced on special jacquard looms in satin weave. The beautiful interwoven patterns, which are typical for damasks and are more or less visible depending on the incidence of light, are produced by alternating warp and weft threads (length- and cross- wise threads).

Due to the special weave, these fabrics are wrinkle-resistant, which makes them suitable for use in the area of high-quality home textiles.

Additional product information

Material (ecology) 50% Organic Linen, 50% Organic Cotton
Type of fabric Woven Fabric/ Jaquard
Production woven
Width approx. 165 cm
Weight (sqm) approx. 210 g/sqm
Shrinkage value approx. 3%
Washing temperature 60°C
Drying no dryer
Ironing Level 3 dampish
Origin of the fiber (country) EU
Production (country) Austria
Dyeing / Finishing (country) Germany

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