Knitted Hemp Fabric "Knit 3", undyed

Knitted Hemp Fabric "Knit 3", undyed

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For our hemp enthusiasts: A special, Characterful knit fabric made of 100% hemp from European production, un-dyed.

This knit has relatively fine stitches and also has the yarn irregularities typical of hemp fibers. It can be combined well with the other hemp knit fabrics and, it could also be used as cuffs.

Width of the fabric: approx. 60cm

Fabric weight: approx. 530g/m2

Maximum fabric length on one knitted piece: approx. 7-8 meters.

The fabric is great for knit sweaters or knitwear - no knitting necessary, just sew it together.  But also for the current trend of the material mix within one piece of clothe, this fabric can be processed wonderfully as just a part of the whole clothes and gives your sewing projects a very special and distinctive character. Very stylish in combination with denim fabrics, very elegant in combinations with black or white....

This fabric can also be dyed well! See our colouring result here with the WEJA coloring set in anthracite colour:



Environmentally friendly hemp cultivation without chemicals:

The hemp plant is a soil improver and few-water consumer, whose roots reach up to 2m long in the ground and get their water need directly from the soil by itself.

Hemp plants are inherently resistant to insects and diseases, so cultivation requires no pesticide use. Herbicides against weeds are also unnecessary since hemp grows very fast.

Un-dyed hemps are genuine, clean natural products.

Special properties of hemp fibers:

Hemp fibers have the same micro-electric voltage as our skin, which is why hemps are particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Hemp absorbs moisture very well and it also dispenses excellently.

Hemp has a temperature-balancing effect. The fiber warm well in winter and cool on the skin in summer.

Hemp has antibacterial properties.

Additional product information

Material (ecology) 100% hemp
Production knitted
Dyeing / Dyes undyed und unbleached
Shrinkage value approx. 8-10%
Washing temperature 40-90°C
Drying dry lying (no dryer)
Origin of the fiber (country) France and Romania
Production (country) Romania

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