Hemp Fabric Canvas anthracite-grey

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Medium weight woven hemp fabric made from 100% hemp in anthracite gray. Due to the hemp fibers, the color looks wonderfully "alive" - ​​reminiscent of the "stone-washed" effect.

This characterfull, slightly rugged hemp has a granular grip, and is relatively loosely woven and shows the typical yarn irregularities of the natural fiber hemp. Small irregularities in the weave are normal in hemp fibers and expression of the natural fiber processing. The fabric was dyed with GOTS-compliant, meaning it was dyed with harmless colors.

Well suited for jackets, coats, bags, also for decorative home textiles such as curtains or cushion covers ect..

Environmentally friendly hemp cultivation without chemicals:

The hemp plant is a soil improver and few-water consumers whose up to 2m long roots get their water supplies off the ground by themselves.

Hemp plants are inherently insensitive to insects and diseases, so cultivation requires no pesticide use. Also herbicides against weeds are unnecessary since hemp grows very fast.

Uncoloured hemps are genuine, clean natural products.

Special properties of hemp fibers:

Hemp fibers have the same microelectric voltage as our skin, which is why hemp is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Hemp absorbs moisture very well and gives it off again excellently.

Hemp has a temperature-balancing effect. The fibers warm well in winter and cool on the skin in summer.

Additional product information

Material (ecology) 100% hemp
Type of fabric Canvas
Width approx. 150 cm
Weight (sqm) approx. 290 g/sqm
Shrinkage value approx. 5-6%
Washing temperature 30°C
Origin of the fiber (country) Romania
Production (country) Romania

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