Water-repellent woven fabric, marine-blue, GOTS-certified

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Water-repellent woven fabric in twill weave made of 100% organic cotton, GOTS-certified

Colour: navy blue

Here it is: The environmentally friendly alternative to outdoor textiles, which were mostly treated with highly questionable chemicals such as fluorocarbons.

The water-repellent finish of this twill fabric is free of FC (fluorocarbon) and waxes. Thanks to the impregnation, the fabric remains breathable.

The fabric is not waterproof, but can withstand drizzle or short rain showers. It is not designed as a replacement of waterproof oilskins.

Applications: Perfect for coats, jackets, trousers, bags, seat cushion covers for outdoor use.

Care instructions: washable at 40°C with detergent without bleach/chlorine additives. No dry cleaning!

Ironing setting stage 1, tumble dryer stage 1, it is recommended to iron the fabric in order to refresh the water-repellent properties after washing.

Sustainability and organic certification: The fabric is produced in Germany in an IVN-Best certified textile factory with its own organic cotton plant in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan and is certified in accordance with GOTS throughout the entire textile chain - from cotton fiber to dyeing and weaving to our shop counter. In this way, we guarantee sustainable, ecological and ethically correct production. Here you can see our GOTS certificate: GOTS-Zertifikat: CU 822045

Siebenblau GOTS-zertifizierte Bio Stoffe

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Additional product information

Material (ecology) 100% organic cotton
Type of fabric Twill
Production woven
Dyeing / Dyes Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified colours
Certification of fabric Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified fabric
Certification number CU 822045
Width approx. 162 cm
Weight (sqm) approx. 240 g/sqm
Shrinkage value approx.1%
Washing temperature 40°C
Laundry detergent (recommendation) organic mild detergent
Ironing Level 1
Production (country) Germany
Dyeing / Finishing (country) Germany

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