Fairtrade Cotton - better for all


Conventional cotton production, conventional trade with "white gold" and the whole conventional value chain are very unfair.

Cotton farmers in the poorest countries of the world work very hard and under high risks for their health and the environment and even so cannot live from their hard work. The local marketprices for cotton are too low and the billions of subsidies and trade barriers in industrialised countries hinder that the farmers receive a fair price for their cotton.

Photo: Transfair e.V.

A way out: The FAIRTRADE concept

The Fairtrade-Logo shows the customers that the products they buy are environmentally friendly produced and fairly traded. Per kilo of fairtrade cotton the farmers receive a price that lies much above the local market prices. Additionally the farmers receive a fairtrade premium per kg of cotton which is used for community projects such as health, education and infrastructure projects.

Fairtrade also supports organic cotton cultivation by showing the farmers how to start organic cultivation for which they also get an organic premium.


What can I do? Participate in fairtrade!

Consumers - and we all are cotton consumers (no wardrobe without cotton) - increasinly want to be sure that their consumption patterns don`t lead to environmental damage, health risks or exploitation of children and other people. They want to wear clothes with a good conscienceness. The compliance with social standards is an important aspect in their buying decision. By buying fairtrade products everyone can support the fairtrade concept.


Further information:

More detailed information on the fairtrade standards and certification are available at: www.flo-cert.net

More information regarding fairtrade, fairtrade projects and products are available at: www.transfair.org