Protect bees

Wild bees are in urgent need of protection

We chose to donate the 3% VAT savings from Juli-December to the protection of the wild bees

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The German VAT was reduced by 3% between July and December of 2020 to encourage customers to spend more in German stores. Our team at Siebenblau decided early on that rather than paying the small amounts of tax savings back to our customers, we'd love to donate the collective savings towards the conservation of our bees and the preservation of our nature and environment.


Our donation for July 2020:

With our donation we support the initiative by BUND Germany for wild bees.

The BUND is one of Germanys big nature conservation associations and is politically independent. One of their demands to our government is the ban of pesticides that harm the bee populations as well as a national strategy action plan for the preservation of our bee populations. We want to support these demands and actions made by BUND for the benefit of the wild bees and will donate our 3% VAT reduction to their cause.


Our donation for August 2020:

We support the network Blühende Landschaften (blooming landscapes), an initiative by Mellifera e.V.

'Mellifera e.V. brings together different initiatives which all focus on the peaceful cohabitation of bees, humans and our environment. This includes beekeeping as well as the habitats of honey and wild bees, representative for all pollinating insects.' quoted and translated from:


Our donation for September 2020:

We love the commitment of the Initiative Germany summt (hums)! There is such a great selection of projects that benefit the conservation of the bees habitats. That is why we are donating our 3% VAT reduction to


Our donation for October 2020:

We'd love to use our donation to support the dedication of BUND Germany for the preservation of wild bees. Of the existant 560 species of wild bees in Germany, many are listed on the red list of endangered species. The BUND for the protection of our environment and nature - - is dedicated to the cause of protecting the wild bees with a great variety of initiatives. We think this is more than worth our support!


Our donation for December 2020:

This month we want to support the work of the Heinz Sielmann Stiftung. 'As a part of the project 'Wild bees in school forests' they offer project days for German schools free of charge. The continuous dying of wild bees and their life cycle and importance of our environment as a pollinator are at the core of these project days and have the goal to educate our future generations on the importance of conservation and preservation. Here the kids learn why the wild bees are endangered and how they can be supported in the future.' Quoted and translated from: 




Siebenblau - wir spenden für Wildbienen