How can I order fabric swatches to take a closer look at the colour and quality of the fabrics?

We offer a quick and easy swatch service via the postal service, you can read the details here.


Does Siebenblau offer wholesale conditions or discounts?

Please be aware that Siebenblau is not a wholesale merchant. We offer B2C for private customers who want to sew with sustainably produced fabrics. 


What does organic fabrics stand for?

Organic fabrics are fabrics where the fibers are produced by the standards of controlled organic farming. Besides offering organic fabrics, we also sell a range of GOTS-certified fabrics and are GOTS-certified as a store. This insures that the entire production and shipping process is ecological and fair. One example is, that the use of toxic dye and equipment is prohibited.


Are organic fabrics produces under fair conditions?

Most of our organic fabrics are GOTS-certified, some also IVN-Best certified. These standards also refer to social standards which include that child labor is prohibited and the working conditions must be fair along the entire line of production and shipping.


Do you also offer vegan fabrics?

Most of our fabrics (excluding a couple of wool fabrics) are made with vegan materials such as organic cotton, organic linen or hemp. During the cultivation of the crops the use of pesticides, herbicides as well as defoliants is prohibited as they endanger the environment and kill insects and other animals in the process. The pesticides don't just kill 'pests' (the wording alone is questionable and gives an insight into how regular farming deals with animals), but also bees, insects and birds. As well as that the chemicals can be found in the water where a great amount of aquatic life and fish are endangered and poisened. Organic farming does not use any pesticides, herbicides or defoliants and instead builds an ecological balance.


How can I be sure that all the fabrics are really organic?

Siebenblau is a GOTS certified business. This means that an independent certification agency regularly monitors, that all suppliers starting from the cultivation of the fibers through the entire chain of production and shipping right up until the fabric arrives on our shop counter maintain the strict GOTS guidelines. You can find our current GOTS certificate for our business on here.


How do I wash my fabric correctly?

Most of our fabric can be washed at temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees in your washing machine. Some fabrics can also be washed at higher temperatures, please keep an eye out for any washing instructions on the product page under product details. Please use organic detergent instead of chemical detergent as these often contain bleach which lightens the colour of the fabric.


Do you support student projects with organic fabrics?

We receive a lot (!) of inquiries concerning the sponsoring of student projects and final projects. We love to support projects every now and again but please understand that we are not able to support all inquiries that reach us. We hope you understand.


Do you offer any discount for students of fashion design?

Yes we do! Please send us a current student certificate via mail and open up a customer account on our website. We will then add the student discount of 10% to your existing customer account and it will apply to all future purchases.