Siebenblau Organic Fabrics

Siebenblau - Your specialists for organic fabrics and non-toxic natural fiber fabrics

If you prefer to work with sustainable fabrics for your creative projects, you have found just the right place.

Find a large range of beautiful organic fabrics in GOTS in our Siebenblau online shop.

Please find our new fabrics here:

Neue Bio-Stoffe bei Siebenblau kaufen

Our range comprises organic cotton fabrics, organic linen fabrics, organic wool fabrics and many more.

Organic fabrics are ecofriendly, good for the workers and good for our skin!

Siebenblau has an organic fabric retail shop in Berlin. And of course we run our online shop for organic fabrics.

Siebenblau, supplier for organic fabrics, is GOTS certified.

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