Ordering Swatches - Fabric samples

Our service to help you with your decision: order an unlimited amount of swatches for only 0,60€ / 0,70€ per swatch.

You want to be sure that you like the colour and quality of our fabrics? Then we suggest you order samples of the fabrics of your choice for only 0,60€ or 0,70€ per swatch. They come in the sizes of 6x8cm or 8x10cm. You can find the name and article number of the fabric on the back of each swatch.

How it works:

Just go to the part of the product page where you can see "choice" just below the price. Select the option "swatch". Then you'll see the swatch for only 0,60€ or 0,70€ and you can add it in your shopping cart.

Shipping costs for fabric swatches: If you're only ordering swatches, we charge 1,50€ shipping costs. You just have to select 'postal delivery-swatches only' in the shipping step of the payment process.

The quickest shipping via postal delivery: We usually send the letters containing swatches on the same weekday we receive the payment. Please keep in mind that the letters are not insured and no tracking is possible.

We do not offer complete catalogues of our fabric range as it constantly changes and grows. It would be impossible for us to keep it up to date for you.