our fabrics- your photo

our fabrics- your photo


Send us one or more photos of made by yourself pieces made with Siebenblau fabrics per email to kontakt@siebenblau.de. How you photograph your garment is totally left to you. The only condition is that you have sewn or made the piece yourself, that it is made of Siebenblau fabrics and that this is visible on the photo.

By sending us a photo you agree that we may use and share the photo, for example, on our website, on facebook, on Google+, on Pinterest. Please inform us whether we should add your name and - if you have your own brand or fashion label - the name of your label or website.

Please don´t forget to add the following information:

  • your photo with a short title (e.g. "organic jersey jacket")
  • your name, and if you have your label/website and want to mention it, name of the label and website
  • your email address

We would love to see what you made of our fabrics!

Enjoy sewing and happy photographing! :)