WEJA Dyes Mango for Cotton Linen

WEJA Dyes Mango for Cotton Linen

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How to dye in an open pot:

  1. Put the bag number 1 and the fabric that should be dyed into a pot with cold water. Do not open the bag!
  2. Heat it slowly.
  3. Keep the temperature constant at approx. 98°C for approx. 30min and move the fabric in the water.
  4. Cool it down.
  5. Take out the fabric and rinse it with water.
  6. Empty the pot.
  7. Put the rinsed fabric in the pot again, fill it with cool water, put the bag with the next number in it and continue the whole process. Keep the temperature constant at approx. 98°C for 60min.
  8. Wash the fabric with up to 40°C

The slow heating and cooling keeps the natural fibre structure intact. The moving of the fabric helps to avoid stains.

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